About Connected Logistics
Our Armed Forces operate the most vast, complex, and critical supply chain and information networks on the planet. We supply the solutions for managing these smartly. Bridging the gap between Business Processes and Information Technology, we provide superior services in areas such as Cloud Computing, Network Operations, ERP Implementation, Program Management, Studies and Analysis, Logistics Operations, Materiel Integration and Change Management necessary for a successful Program.

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Connected Logistics is currently supporting all three business areas in PEO EIS with technology, logistics, and acquisition expertise.

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Our Experience

Mission-Focused with Integrity.  From Kosovo in 1999 to the military missions of today, Connected Logistics's leadership team have led the way in logistics and IT change in the Army.

Class XI

Information, or as we call it, Class XI, must be logically developed, properly stored, swiftly moved, and readily available to the ultimate user. Class XI is our commodity and our foundation for providing world-class support and solutions.